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System Requirements

Now, as I was saying, we're going to check you in for the voyage of a lifetime. All you need you need is the following apparatus, and you will be deliriously well-equipped for the voyage:

  • Windows(R) 95

  • Looks rather important to me: I've a feeling it's going to come in handy during the journey. If you have one of those new-fangled Windows '98 models that would do splendidly too, but I'm afraid NT won't cut the mustard. (Well, not at the moment anyway...)

  • 100MHz Pentium-class processor required, 133MHz or greater recommended

  • Any slower than 100MHz and you can forget about having fun. Aaaaagh! Memory failure! Memory failure!

    Some cheaper Pentium-class systems are sold without secondary cache RAM to reduce costs - unfortunately this slows everything, including the Starship Titanic, down a great deal. In particular, if you have the minimum required system (i.e. a 100MHz Pentium) and no secondary cache RAM, then you may find some parts of the game very slow. The only solution is to install some secondary cache RAM into your system - consult your system supplier for details.

    (Please note: Users with Cyrix 6x86-based machines will require a patch)

  • 16 MB RAM

  • Heard the one about the amnesiac DoorBot who couldn't remember his...
    Sorry I seem to have forgotten the um - you know, the line that goes at the end of a watjamacallit. Anyway, I do seem to recall that you'll need 16Mbytes.

  • 160 MB available hard disk space

  • What with all the wandering about the ship, and being able to summon Krage or yours truly at any point in your travels, we need to, erm, involve your hard disk in whole intergalactic cruise experience.

    Now then, as you may have heard, the Starship Titanic herself stretches across the expanse of three of those shiny silvery CD things. Now, you might wonder when you'd need each of them. Not to worry, I'll pop by and tell you, but rest assured, your generous 160Mbyte donation of local storage has already reduced the need for such interruptions.

    Of course, if you're feeling flush in the whole disk-space department, you can further cut down on the old CD-swapping with a medium install of 500Mbytes.

    If you've 1.3Gig to spare, you could go for a maximum install, and we guarantee your cruise will remain undisturbed by the gentle whirr of servo-operated trays.

  • 16-bit colour capable video card
  • 16-bit sound card
  • To fully experience the luxury of the Starship Titanic, passengers must ensure they are able to resolve 16bit colour at 640x480 pixels, and have stereophonic capabilities of the 16-bit variety.
    Starlight Lines is most strict about these requirements, and will require proof of certified 100% compatibility with DirectX(R) 5.0.
    (Please note: Some 3D graphics cards may require patching)

  • 4X speed CD-ROM drive
  • Passengers blessed with more than one CD drive may take advantage of Starship Titanic's special "multiple CD awareness" facility. Why manhandle small aluminised pieces of plastic when you have a machine to do it for you?
    This is a luxury cruise, after all.

  • None of the above
  • A Macintosh, you say? You have one? Hurrah!
    If you're clever enough to own such an a splendid vessel, then you must be clever enough to have worked out that none of this applies to you. In which case, let me trouble you no further ...


System Requirements



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