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Starship Titanic

The Klein und Möbius-Gödel


Fault-Intolerant Technology for the Titanic Age


The master-builders of Starlight Lines strive ceaselessly to increase the level of satisfaction experienced by you, the customer.

In the Starship Titanic, we think we have come up with the best, the most perfect, the most customer-friendly innovation yet: The Anaxiomat®.

Working closely with the notorious heavy-logic engineers Klein und Moebius-Gödel GbMH of Zimmerhaven, Starlight Lines and its galactically-acclaimed Director of Architecture, Leovinus, have developed the world's first intergalactic vessel on which nothing possibly can go wrong.

Most interstellar vessels are fault-tolerant. And nothing wrong with that. Fault-tolerant design paradigms transformed galactic travel, raising it to new heights of comfort and reliability. But fault-tolerance, for the new class of customers confidently expected aboard the Titanic, is simply not enough...

Fault-tolerance is just an advanced form of foolproofing. And we all know the old saying: "Fool-proofing is impossible; the fools are always one step ahead."

So Starlight Lines and KM-G started from scratch, with, quite literally, a paradigm-shift. The result?

The Anaxiomat®

You are too busy, too much sought-after, to need us to go into technical details here. You trust us; just as we trust you.

But Starlight Lines are confident that this revolutionary new system will offer hitherto un-dreamed-of reliability, safety and comfort to Titanic customers. No expense has been spared - which is, in a very real sense, the motto of Starlight Lines and the reason for its phenomenal success.

A success you, the customer, will appreciate all the more, being the sort of person to whom success is not a privilege, but a right.

Titanic Preview