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Pending the resolution of current free, frank, open and amicable discussions between Leovinus himself, Starship Titanic Chief Engineer Brobostigon, Project Finance Director Scraliontis, Leovinus's lawyers, Scraliontis's lawyers, Brobostigon's wife's best friend (who used to be a lawyer before he got into Eufragian holistic fretwork), Starlight Lines' lawyers, Starlight Lines' PR agency, Starlight Lines' PR agency's lawyers and ScamBot, GAIA's* UltraWeb crawler, we regret that the planned profile of Leovinus cannot be published.




*Starlight Lines wishes to make it clear that as far as it is concerned, any fool knows that  GAIA stands for Galactic Association of Insurance Agencies, but nobody should draw negative conclusions since the presence of ScamBot at the current free, frank, open and amicable talks is purely coincidental. ScamBot is involved at the invitation of Starlight Lines, a reputable company of sound financial status.