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1st Class Forum

D'astragar (D'astragaaar) D'astragar, Maitre D'Bot of the Starship Titanic's 1st Class Restaurant outlines the etiquette for 1st class passengers.

"Welcome, welcome indeed my most favoured guests, and, may I beg you in an unseemly and unworthy manner, listen to my exposition of the exquisite rules concerning the behaviour of all 1st class passengers in these delectable mechanical conversational areas! Poached Gorilla for Table 12!

  1. There will be no fighting in these chat rooms. If you disagree, I will fight you!
  2. Passengers will please avail themselves of the many virtual snack opportunities that our naughty chef has prepared for your delight.
  3. A jacket and tie will be worn at all times. By myself, in fact. Is very suave, non?
  4. Chargrilled Water for the party at Table 4!
  5. No spitting, unless ordering the Reborzo Goat's Cheese.
  6. Frederick! Toasted Tachyons for Table 23 - quickly!
  7. There is no rule 7."