Starlight Travel


The Easy Option. For Achievers.

Not under-achievers, like those people you knew at school. The little people. The people who pay taxes. The people who put Leona Helmsley in the joint. Polyester leisurewear. Grey mail-order shoes. People who think American Express cards are green. People who think Coach® is something you travel in, not something you carry on. People whose wives purse their lips and drum their fingers. People whose husbands count their loose change before going to bed. People who think Jackie Collins, say what you like, she's a damn' fine storyteller, right? People who, after eighteen beers, can still tell you how much is owing on their car.

Not under-achievers like them.

Nor over-achievers. Over-achievers like you. Movers and shakers. People who get up in the morning and instead of having to decide on the day's outfit, have to decide on the day's helicopter. People who wouldn't be seen dead with a green American Express card. Or gold. Or platinum, or black. People who have custom American Express cards. Cerise. Eau-de-Nil. Tangerine. Rothko. Pizza. People whose overdrafts are not their problem, but the bank's problem. People whose wives have big lips and latex bodysuits. Whose husbands have crinkly grins, Aston Martins and prenuptial agreements so full of holes you could drive a truck through them.

Not people like those.

The Living Virtuality CD/VR® is The Starship Experience For The Rest Of Us®. Immaculate in every detail, it offers the full Starship Titanic Maiden Voyage -- On-A-Disk®.

Thrill to the surge of high-energy Higgs® Propulsion! Gaze with awe on the majesty of the Galaxy! Dine in the Titanic's Luxury Restaurants! Mingle with the Ultra-Galactic creme de la creme! Enjoy personalised service from the Titanic's staff of highly-programmed Genuine People Personality® staff! Visit strange and magical places of which the memories will stay with you all your life!

And all from the comfort of your own home. The Starship Experience For The Rest Of Us®. Available in the first quarter of 1998 from The Digital Village and Simon & Schuster Interactive.

It's Not The Real Thing... But It's Close.