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The Starship Titanic - Leovinus's Masterpiece And Fitting Jewel In The Starlight Lines Crown

By Twicity Fneb, Galactic StarTraveller Social Staff

For the truly sophisticated traveler, ennui is a perpetual hazard of the game. But the new Starlight Lines flagship, the Starship Titanic, defies the most blasé traveler to feel even un petit peu jadé. From the tip of its pinnace to the very bottom of its keel thingy, this extraordinary masterpiece of galactine engineering says three things: class, class and class.

Stepping aboard this extraordinary masterpiece of galactine engineering [you've already said that once. -Ed.] one cannot but be struck by the sheer class which breathes from every pore of this masterpiece of galactine engineering. The moment the great Embarkation Gate swings open like a great iris (the part of the eye which responds to light by opening and closing) you are aware that you are in the presence of a truly unique vessel whose unique qualities lend itself to the awed appreciation of the galaxy's movers and shakers. Entertainers, developers, speculators and shady eminences grises in borkskin suits and big wristwatches: all will thrill to the marbled floorings, the glossy smart walls, the extremely nice furniture and the facilities with which the Titanic is so well supplied. Indeed when it comes to facilities, it can truly be said that the Titanic is the ne plus ultra of the facilities end of the luxury galactic cruiser market.

The Starship Titanic itself is, of course, off-limits to all curious parties - your intrepid correspondent included!!!??! But rest assured - we at Galactic StarTraveller will be the first to bring you an exclusive preview of this exclusive masterpiece of galactine engineering, and are leaving no stone unturned in going out to dinner with a ve-e-e-e-ry hunky senior member of the Blerontin quality-assurance staff and hanging, lips akimbo, on every word he says.

In fact, we are confidently expecting a result real soon now... oh, hi, sweetie; I was just writing about you!!!?!?!

In the meantime, your reporter has obtained exclusive interviews with various key members of the design and construction team: Floburger Argoblast, interior design consultant; Mac "Mac" McMackie, Chief Propulsion Engineer; Monsieur Jean-Pierre Hompe de Peniche, Head of Catering; and Professor Minskin Marvie, Director of Robotics.

Stay tuned!!!