Welcome to the Starlight Lines
Sof-A-Spud Card Service!

The very fact that you're here is a mark of distinction. Your distinction. Because it only means one thing. It means that you're either too busy and successful to do your own personal leisure-cruising right now; or that you know someone like that. Okay. That's two things. We know it. But with someone like you, hey, who's counting?

So which is it to be?

  • I'm too busy and successful to do my own leisure-cruising right now, but you know what? I want my friends to know that if I were on an incredibly expensive, luxurious, intergalactic pleasure voyage, why, I'd be thinking of them as I sat on, say, the promenade deck with a long cool drink and a slinky companion, pitying the poor shlumps back home, but in a very caring sort of way. So lead me to the Postcard Sending Service.


  • You're right. I have some pretty smart friends with whom I am on first-name terms, and let me tell you, they think of me a lot. In fact, one of them has sent me a postcard which I would like to collect now.

    The serial number is .