We knew we were right about you. And we are so glad that you are interested in Starlight Lines'

Ultra-Premium Leisure Cruise Opportunities


And to show you just how glad we are, we would like to ask you to take a moment of your valuable time to help us to help you even better.

We know you are a busy person. Nobody becomes as successful as you without being busy. Pressed for time. Every moment a treasure to be snatched from the quagmire of beckoning eternity and transmuted, by the magic qualities of enterprise and dedication and sheer damned guts, into the pure fragrant gold of success.

Believe us; we understand.

And we understand, too, that a successful person like you must have many enemies.

Stupid, weaselly people with bad skin and really dreary dress-sense.

People who, between ourselves, just can't quite cut it.

But enemies nevertheless. Enemies who can't wait to get their hands on your personal data. Your name. Your address. Your Swiss bank account. Your credit rating. Details of all your credit cards. The most intimate details of your private life. Details of all those little... shall we say "indiscretions" that a successful, thrusting person like yourself just had to commit in the long, hard struggle to the top.

Sensitive details. The details, let us be honest, that we want you to supply.