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Important news for Mac Starship Titanic users.


There is a known problem with the current Starship Titanic installer for the Macintosh. This problem relates to the medium installation option provided by that installer.

The medium install option states that 550Meg of disc space is required to complete the install operation. It has been reported and has subsequently been confirmed that a medium installation will fail if less than 750Meg of disc space is available before the install is attempted. The installer will proceed to install Starship Titanic without warning the user of the lack of disc space. At a later stage in the installation process a dialog will appear indicating that the destination volume has become full. At this point the installer will recover the installation by removing all files it has installed and report that further disc space is required.

For the time being it is recommended that when using the medium install option, you should ensure that at least 750Meg of free disc space is available in your destination folder. We will be making a new installer available for download soon which will fix this problem.

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