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Starship Titanic Community Press Release


Douglas Adams launches Starship Titanic Community on the Web

Best-selling author Douglas Adams has officially cut the ribbon on the online Starship Titanic Community (

Produced by The Digital Village, Mr. Adams's media company, with tools and services from CyberSites, Inc., the Starship Titanic Community is an online society for fans of his work, based on the world first seen in the popular CD-ROM game Starship Titanic, from Simon & Schuster Interactive and The Digital Village.

"I've written books, created for television, made CD-ROMs; I didn't want to simply re-create these experiences on the internet. The web is a new medium, demanding an entirely new kind of fiction, and that's what we've developed for the online Starship Titanic Community."

Members of the Starship Titanic Community enter the world of Starship Titanic and receive new personas, avatars, and homes. They can chat, send instant 'telegrams' to each other, create web pages, participate in bulletin boards, contests and role-playing, all within a themed Starship Titanic environment.

This world is created using the ground-breaking tools and services of community provider CyberSites. "People are coming online to communicate," says CyberSites CEO Elliot Klein, "and CyberSites provides the tools to enable them to commune online. Creators of great content and owners of great properties use our community infrastructure to breathe life into the online experiences they create, to promote their brands to a world-wide audience, to generate new revenue and to really take advantage of the internet as a communications medium."

About The Digital Village Ltd

The Digital Village (TDV), based in London, aims to exploit the convergence of digital media to create virtual communities, and, through them, to distribute and generate revenue from entertainment and information brands. TDV’s initial branding is based on the intellectual properties and an editorial perspective catalysed by Douglas Adams, the author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (h2g2) and a founding partner in TDV.

To contact The Digital Village call Robbie Stamp, CEO at +44 171 543 1700 or e-mail

About Cybersites, Inc...

CyberSites, Inc. is an Internet-based application services provider, building and maintaining full-service Web Communities on behalf of content and portal sites. The Cybersites business approach represents a distinct advantage to its customers: by outsourcing their specialized Community needs to CyberSites, partners gain full-featured communications and community-building services -- along with the resulting gains in revenue and customer relations -- without purchasing or maintaining any hardware or software, providing customer service or building the specific skills required to support this unique but critical application.

To contact CyberSites call Elliot Klein, CEO at (212) 924-2220 or e-mail

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